Each module can be taken alone or as a progression.  All results will be integrated into a self-development plan. Coaching support, back at the office for a limited time, will help you reach your goal.

Developing yourself to fit alongside the performance standards of companies, small and large, is an intelligent way to secure your marketability in a competitive environment.  In the module Knowing U, Being U we identify your personality type, introduce you to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and support you in putting both into immediate use in your work place situations.   We will enhance your skill in communicating to be heard.  And by understanding the connection between effective communication and interpersonal skills we coach you to become a skilled communicator for yourself and with other people.


In today’s world, we reach our goals and those of our organisation through and with others.  In the module Managing U we build on our communication skills putting the focus on resolving issues satisfactorily for ourselves and others.  We identify your own preferred conflict style and the other four typical conflict styles.  We help you understand the best situational use of the styles to better represent your own interests and accommodate those of your opposites to achieve your goals.  We also make you aware of the impact of culture on preferred conflict styles and how best to deal with them.


We are all familiar with diversity in the work place, how enriching it is, how challenging it can still be. Especially when working in diverse teams or indeed leading such a team. Team members can come and go, they may be in multiple locations and, despite the inroads we have made to understanding our similarities and differences, we are often reliant on the more interculturally competent within the team to accommodate co-operation.  The module Leading and Working with Others aims to make us more fluent in working and leading for high-performance.  We measure your existing intercultural competence and create, with you, an action plan to develop the area(s) you prioritise. We then coach you to acquire a higher level of skill.  We also look at leading diverse teams and negotiate any gaps between your instinctive leading style and your team’s expected and preferred ‘leader’.  We identify how you can lead authentically and effectively despite these often-conflicting demands.   We identify the factors influencing cohesion in teams.



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Diagnose Tools

WUBTS ist zertifiziert und bietet Ihnen ab sofort (Deutsch, Englisch, weitere Sprachen):

  • BELBIN Team Roles
  • Intercultural Competence:
    ​Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)
    Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Emotional Intelligence: EQi_2.0 Workplace
    EQi_2.0 360° Leadership
  • DiSC Personality Type



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